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Welcome to Borboleta Affair.

Borboleta means butterfly in Portuguese. A butterfly is light, free, and beautiful. These are the aspects we offer you in our Borboleta Affair bags. Here you will find handcrafted bags made of genuine leather, canvas, and linen. Every bag is originally designed by our designer and founder Veronica, is made of handpicked materials for the best quality, and is handcrafted in our own atelier with state of the art machines. With our own atelier, you, as our valued customer, can enjoy the benefit of customizing your bag!

The designs are unique and free from fashion rules and trends, which means that you can use your Borboleta bags well beyond just a season or two. Our signature features that made many customers love our bags are that they have plenty of pockets (designed for us all who seem to have endless things to carry!), unique style to double as an accessory to your daily outfit, and are durable and lightweight. You will never find a cheap substitute for any parts of our bags, even the lining details.

After all, a bag is not just a bag. The right one can make your life much easier.

We all know how exciting it is to finally purchase your new favorite item and and to wait for your purchase to come to your door. This is why we make sure it's a pleasant experience from start to finish when you purchase from our online store. Our selection and check out process are hassle and risk-free. Our trusted delivery partners - DHL and UPS - will ensure fast and secured delivery right to your doorstep wherever you are in the world. When you open your package, you will find your new Borboleta bag, hand-wrapped in our own designed paper, along with a hand-written thank you card, and a surprise item that our designers pick from among their favorite items of the month.

The fun doesn't stop there. A portion of proceeds from every purchase goes to funding educational programs for underprivileged students in rural Thailand. These programs are run by the Ocean of Wisdom Foundation. You can fill school libraries with books, support educational after-school programs, and support soup kitchens for underprivileged students. Like they say, changing the world, one child at a time. We are tackling the problem and making a difference by lifting people from the cycle of poverty. We are glad you are a part of this wonderful journey.

We'd like to welcome you among our happy customers from around the world -

including Paris, New York, London, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Austria, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, and a growing list everyday. With our attention to detail and our love of creating an amazing product for you, we hope our bag will become your favorite!

With some of our bags made from treasured pieces of fabrics collected from our designer's trips all over the world - from Cambodia to France to Japan - we invite you to visit our store often and to act fast before they are sold out!

With Love,

The Borboleta Affair Team

A Message from our Founder / Designer:

Being half American, half Thai, I grew up between two different countries and cultures. My parents love to travel and explore the world, which means I learned early how to travel light! Design and art have been my obsessions since very young age. Every time we go on a trip, I'd always thought of a way to better organize my things. During the trips, I'd draw what we saw and add my own fantasies to each destination as a way to keep my memories of each place alive.

The idea of Borboleta Affair bags was born at 40,000 feet above ground on my flight from Paris back home. After completing a fashion design program (Italian curriculum) in 2010, I spent the following summer studying painting and art history in Paris, which allowed me to roam around its charming and magical cobblestone streets, with paint brushes and sketchbooks in hand. The artist in me wanted nothing else in the world at the moment.

Wait, but maybe I needed a bigger and a more functional bag to hold all my tools and all the extra things we women tend to carry with us (well, just in case, right!).

Designs and ideas were flooding through my head, but not until I was alone in a painfully long flight back home at the end of the summer, that the image of a perfect bag came to my head! I, and perhaps many other women like me, need a bag that's lightweight, durable, with a lot, a lot of pockets, and yet stylish enough to accompany us even in the most glamorous cities in the world.

Et voilà! In the perfectly hummed noise of the plane, at 40,000 feet above ground, The Borboleta Affair bag label was born!

Today I'm proud to share our beloved bags with you. Believe me, I have extensively used each and everyone of our designs to make sure they are perfect before I introduce them to you.

Like any artists, I’d like people who appreciate my art to be able to enjoy it. This is why I keep the prices at Borboleta Affair affordable. After all, there’s no middle man here, it’s just you and me.

I hope that our bags will spice up our old outfits, help you organize your life, and accompany you to many special moments in your life.

Thank you for being apart of this wonderful journey together. Please keep in touch via wonderful world of social media.

Best xoxo,
Veronica Race

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